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We play in the South-East Hampshire Indoor Cricket League. Games are played at Fareham Leisure Centre on Sunday evenings. This is the last chance to play indoor cricket in a Colts team, and the three-year-gap (the previous indoor age-group is U13) means that for some of the younger players it can be a bit of a challenge! However, players tend to grow and improve quickly and leave the team as fully fledged indoor cricketers! Petersfield won the league, unbeaten, in the 2016/16 season. 2016/17 sees the start of the building of the next league-winning team - with a new influx of younger players. It's worth noting that the current league-leading senior indoor side regularly contains three of last year's under 16s.
U16 Indoor Head Coach

Paul Clarke

U16 Indoor Head Coach, Umpire, Committee Member


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