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200 CLUB
200 Club Membership
In 1975, PCC’s pavilion was destroyed by fire and in an attempt to raise funds to rebuild, a 200 Club was established. This they managed to do, and since then the draw has continued to provide vital funds to PCC towards equipment and club improvements.

Petersfield 200 Club

In 1975, Petersfield Cricket Club (PCC) pavilion was destroyed by fire, and the 200 Club was founded to raise funds to rebuild the pavilion. This was achieved, and since then the draw has continued to provide funds for PCC towards equipment and club improvements.

Your yearly subscription of £12 puts you in the hat, with a chance of winning £50 every month, and in one special month the prize money is doubled to £100!

If you would like to join the 200 Club, please contact Mike Freeston (

The Rules

  1. The name of the club is the Petersfield Cricket Club – 200 Club. Hereafter called ‘the club’. The club is based at The Pavilion, Petersfield Heath, Petersfield, Hampshire.
  2. The purpose of the club is to raise funds for the general purpose of Petersfield Cricket Club, hereafter called ‘PCC’.
  3. Applications for membership of the club can be made to the 200 Club Secretary.
  4. The competition is restricted to 200 numbers, each member may have one or more numbers. Each member will be allocated a number(s) from 1 to 200 and the number(s) cannot be changed within the competition year.
  5. The subscription rate is £12 per number. Membership runs for a period of one year from the date of payment of subscription.
  6. The member becomes an associate member of PCC enjoying the normal privileges of membership of the club.
  7. The accounting period will commence on the 1 st November each year.
  8. The competition will be run providing a minimum of 60 numbers have been purchased at the start of the financial year. If there are less than 60 the competition will not be run that year and subscriptions will be refunded.
  9. The management of the club shall be vested in the Executive Committee of the PCC, whose decision shall be final in any matter requiring adjudication. The Executive Committee shall have power to amend or revoke these rules at their absolute discretion.
  10. Draws be held on the following basis: 11 monthly draws for one prize of £50, and one monthly for one prize of £100. The £100 prize draw to be held for one month during the season on a suitable occasion (e.g. Presidents Day) at the discretion of the 200 Club Secretary.
  11. The winner of each draw will be notified by the 200 Club Secretary.
  12. The 200 club’s accounts will be available for inspection on request to the Hon. Treasurer of the PCC.
  13. The accounts will be examined by an independent person at the end of the club year, and will be presented for approval each year at the PCC AGM.
  14. The difference between income and expenditure will be transferred to the PCC account at the end of the financial year, subject to a minimum balance necessary to operate the club being retained.

Revised rules adopted at PCC AGM 12 th December 2018.

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