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The club is all about encouraging participation, and to deliver that we always need coaches! It's a fun, rewarding role and can take as much or as little of your time as suits you.

You can learn more about how to coach your son or daughter in cricket by taking a Volunteer's coaching course or by becoming an ECB Coach.

The club will provide the funds for you to do this and arrange the courses, at the discretion of the chairman.

Volunteer’s Coaching Course

Not everyone needs or wants an ECB Coaching Qualification but are keen to help young children develop skills and enjoy the game of cricket.

Petersfield CC have ECB qualified coaches working with children but also need help because of the numbers we work with. It is with this in mind that a course for ‘Volunteers’ has been developed.

It is based on activity, fun and information that may also encourage candidates to jump on the next rung of the coaching ladder! Who knows?

What could be most important is that they will help provide a regular flow of talented players essential to the future of the club.

ECB Coach

The ECB coaching philosophy relates to all of their courses and consists of the following

Good coaching is about:

  • Coaching people not just cricket

  • Helping people to grow and develop

  • Being open and accessible to all

  • Providing a safe and fun environment in which people, particularly children and young people, can enjoy their first experience of cricket, gain some success and be motivated to want to go on playing.

ECB Coaching Assistant (Level 1)

The role of the coaching assistant is to ‘Assist more qualified coaches, delivering aspects of coaching sessions, normally under direct supervision’.

More information can be found on the ECB Coaches Association Web Site

ECB Coach (Level 2)

The role of the ECB Coach is to 'Prepare for, deliver and review cricket coaching sessions'.

If you are interested in challenging yourself, and completing one of the friendly and fun courses above, please contact your child's coach in the first instance.

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